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You attend yoga classes regularly, and you have established a home practice. If you like to step it up a notch, a yoga workshop can offer tools and experiences beyond those usually included in a typical. A workshop can last a few hours or take place over a long weekend, highlighting a single technique or topic or encompassing several. The possibilities are completely different, but they all have one thing in common: participating in a yoga workshop is empowering.

Workshop Abhyasa

According to the theory of evolution, humans have evolved from the monkey family, though humans have come a far way yet the monkey mind in them haven't been resolved, and because of this they have become succumbed to various types of mental and emotional disorders. Emotions requires cleansing, if they are not cleared out they can take form of disorders which disrupts normal living. These workshops target the emotional layer and helps lighten the mind and brings us closer to our real selves. During these sessions one might express anger, cry, laugh, dance or fell the insight.

These workshops includes

Dynamic Breathing Process

Healing Activities Movement

Mantra Chanting

Self Exploration etc.