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Weight loss & Stress Relief

Weight loss & Stress Relief programs

Enriching Yoga Retreat India This retreat a great getaway from the hustle-bustle of your busy city lives into a more peaceful, serene place among nature that will give you the perfect break you deserve. A place where you can not only relax but also rejuvenate yourself through yoga, meditation, and other traditional spiritual practices which will detox you off of your stress and illnesses. Here at Abhyasa Yogshala, you will be offered a perfect combination of nature and nurture that made an excellent choice for enriching yourself to a healthy holiday that you will never forget!.

Weight loss & Stress

It is 2 hour session and these classes are meant especially for weight loss and stress release.

We focus mainly on reasons of weight gain and stress and design the programme accordingly

We focus mainly on reasons of weight gain and stress. And design the programme accordingly.

Weight Lose

10-15 Kg Weight in 3 months (Money back gurrantee)

Activities include in this programme are

  1. Traditional exercise, yogaasana, breathing techniques, intensive breathing workout, active meditation and relaxation.
  2. Along with weight loss this session also helps one to gain stamina and strengthen oneself physically

Our Package

10-15 Kg Weight in 3 months (Money back gurrantee)

  1. One Month :11999/-
  2. Three Month :29999/-

Unlimited Workshop Free